• I Hope It’s Worth It

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    Though you haven’t been around much since i left elementary school, i still need you. Though i hate how you left mom and me, i still love you. Since i was a child you have been battling alcoholism, and no matter how much i tell myself you’re sobering up i know you’re most likely off on another drinking binge.

    When you got blood poisoning and had to have a few toes amputated, that was one bump on the head to stop doing what you’re doing. When half of both of your feet were cute off, that was another. When your legs were chopped off to the knee, that was one more. You’re hundreds of miles away, you rarely ever call, and we don’t have too much of a relationship anymore.

    Your father called mom for the first time in around 7 years to tell her how you went on another drinking binge and had a seizure, causing you to be admitted to the hospital. In there, you had another seizure and have been on sedation for the past few days. My mother had to break the news to me that you may not make it through this, that alcohol to you is more important than your own health. I also know that once you get out of the hospital, you’ll just start drinking again.

    Is it worth it to you to drink even with the threat of death looming over you? The thought that you may not be there for my high school and college graduations, my wedding, or the birth of my children hurts more than you know. I want you to at least be there for me in the biggest moments of my life. Is alcohol worth dying for? Is it worth leaving your only daughter? Is it worth forcing your parents to bury their second and only other child?

    Please, if not for yourself, stop drinking for me.

    Your only daughter,


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