• Childish online communication is better than telepathy I guess.

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    So I knocked on your door that morning because I was panicking and I still don’t know why. You said “your girlfriend” was upstairs but we both know that is an incredibly shady answer. Whatever you were doing or weren’t doing… you wouldn’t have called me back if it was you know who. It was probably the same person you ditched me for in December when we were supposed to hang out. If you’re bi-sexual, it’s news to me but I encourage you to not be ashamed of that. I definitely felt you watching me from the window across from my house. It creeped me out and I went to bed early because you exhausted me that day. You is you is who…does it really matter? I’m done coding things. If this is going to happen it needs to be resolved. I can’t love you the way I want to because the last time I saw you and spoke to you you were a different person. This is the guy I have been waiting for for so long. I always knew you existed. I’m talking about your face. We have been through so much it’s gotten to the point where I seriously need you. I’ll see you, you’ll see me, we’ll both probably be skiddish because the last time we could be together was so intense. I won’t walk away. I won’t get anyone else involved. It is no one’s business and I know that was not your fault. I’m not scared. I’m anxious. I’m exhausted and I’m going to start praying. You can figure out how to find me. I know you saw my site. I know it’s overwhelming but it’s happening. You won’t be happy until you can trust me. I have not changed, you have.

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