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    Part I

    This is the internet. You may assume that I’m the person you are seeking, but I will not make that same assumption. I know that this is probably entertaining for you to create this whole scenario. But I don’t care and will play along.

    Part II

    Time heals all wounds. Mine are starting to heal. I can honestly say that I’ve looked back at my past and realized that is exactly what it is, my past. Love is a two-way street. It didn’t work out for a reason. Maybe it was the timing, lack of chemistry, and/or other complications. In other words, I’m not willing to be kept on the back-burner with empty promises. We can’t turn back time. As a result, I will keeping moving forward. There’s no point in looking back. Anyone in a similar position should do the same.

    Part III

    I know that you spread information about me. It became even more apparent after that horrible date with P. P was an ass. But what made it more awful was the reminder of how much of a trusting idiot I was around you.

    Part IV

    That is what I learned from my past experiences. I’m too trusting and need to keep my life more private. I forget how horrible people can be. How there are people out there that enjoy bullying, belittling, and gossiping about others. To this day I struggle with being too open and honest. But nowadays I expect people to stab me in the back. Maybe that is why I don’t try forming new relationships because I believe that it won’t be worthwhile. (But I still have urges to post my thoughts on the internet. Obviously, I still have work to do. At least it’s an anonymous website.)

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