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    I think I have finally figured it out. After May 2013, I am joining the airforce. Isn’t that crazy? But I have a feeling it is what I am supposed to do. I’ve always had this distinct feeling in me that I am meant to be a leader. One time my mother told me a story about how when she was pregnant with me, she went to the doctor and there was something messed up with our blood. Her and my dad went to church after that and had everyone there pray over my mother. She went back to the doctor the week after that and there wasn’t a single thing wrong. I remember when I heard her tell me that story something inside me said ‘see you’re here for a reason’ and ever since then I’ve had a feeling I was supposed to do something big. I never really knew what that something was until my friend joined the airforce and I got to thinking about the advantages of doing it. Now, I am on the journey of preparing myself for this even bigger journey up ahead. I’m so nervous and I’m trying to work really hard to get in better shape and healthier. I’m so nervous, but it is good to finally know that there is something to work for in the future instead of continuing going to college working toward a degree I can never get a job in. I’m so thankful for friends and family who are supporting me and encouraging me on this journey. And I am thankful to God for listening to me when I need someone to talk to.

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