• Mom

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    People always said that you and I were so much alike, that they knew exactly where I got my chip on the shoulder and why I wear my emotions on my sleeve. What people don’t know is that while we have a physical bond of similarity, the emotional bond lacks. It hurts to see you bond over plays and out of the blue trips with my younger sister, who happens to be a polar opposite of me. And while I know I laugh the jokes off that you and I will never be close, deep down I feel like I’ve lost another battle.

    You have always been there for me, financially. God knows I’d be lost if you and Dad weren’t putting me through college, and I feel like I do have nothing to complain about. But you make out motherhood to be a chore, not a life journey. It hurts to hear my friends talk about the wonderful gifts they get from their parents, usually for no reason. But the only thing I get from you was a text telling me I’m working well below my ability?

    I’ve always admired your strong personality and how I’ve grown to become you, but I know one thing: I’ll make sure that there is a strong emotional bond between my daughter and I won’t make her once wonder if her mom is there for her.

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