• Love you babes.

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    I love you.

    I totally hated you when we first met; you were shown as an arrogant, show-up and just not someone who I never thought that I would fall in love with. But, ever since we gotten to know each other, which is 2 years now, I have developed feelings for your innocence, arrogance, cuteness, kinkiness, annoyingness and just for you.

    I love the way you talk to me, like a grumpy goose. Your adorable face when you want something from me. The way you tell me to “shut up” when I’m disturbing you from doing your work. I just LOVE it. I like how you motivate me and give me the type of advices that I want to hear.

    I like how you get jealous when I talk to or about other guys. At the same time, I like when you ask me for help asking other girls out. I totally hate to do that but I do it because I want you to be happy. I know that you deserve someone way better than me.

    My heart melts when you compliment me or say “I love you”, even though you don’t really mean it like that. I know we both agreed to move on with our lives but talking to you every single day, as a friend, doesn’t help. It only makes things worse. But I can’t, for the sake of myself, survive without hearing your deep voice or seeing your perfect face.

    I don’t believe that I’ll find another guy like you; you are one of a kind. You like me for who I am, a crazy, weird “dork” as you would call me. You laugh with me at the stupid things while others would probably laugh at me. You made me confident, strong and comfortable about everything. I was such a naïve before I met you but now look at me, I find sexual reference even from my physics book, god. Not only that, you improved my grades, you made me study, you helped me with homework and you were just there for me whenever I needed you.

    I have been depressed on and off, and I don’t blame you for that. After all, it was me. I can’t believe I betrayed you, you are such an wonderful guy. Any girl’s lucky to have you and I should have known that you were way out of my league. But I can’t stop loving you, although I’m trying to move on…almost for 6 months now. I really hope that I could fine someone a bit like you and I wish you good luck on your university, your job, your girlfriend, just everything in your life. As a best friend, I’ll always be there for you, you can always count on me just as I count on you.

    Love you heaps and heaps,
    Your “dork”.

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