• From a Woman’s Perspective about V-Day

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    Worked out again this morning. Something different about today. Oh yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day. I looked around in the locker room. The facial expressions were priceless. There were young women who you could tell it wasn’t a good day for them. They avoided each other’s gaze as if to say, “Don’t talk to me. It’s V-day and my knight in shining armor hasn’t shown up.” That was not nice to see. Clearly they felt the emptiness of no man in their life and it made me want to stand up for them and say, “Hurry up you guys! Stand up and find or fight for your women, because they are waiting for you!”

    I looked further. A few women walked around with a light step and eyes aglow. It wasn’t too hard to figure out that these women had men who were showering them today with love. It was nice to see.

    I looked yet a little bit further and I saw the older married women. They had the look of confidence, peace of mind, mothers who understood the true meaning of love and did not seem to be bothered either by love struck ideas or the fact that their husbands were probably working hard for them. That was nice to see.

    I looked still further and what I saw was rather interesting. Way older women who looked completely satisfied with life and ready to go shopping. I imagined what these women must be saying to themselves. I could see them saying, “Finally! He is dead and gone and I can spend the money on those new pair of shoes that I’ve been wanting. Freedom at last!” That was comical for me. Maybe morbid for you.

    While I have been dreading this day, now that it is actually here it’s not that bad. Everyone has their own facial expression stories to tell. In any case, I thought this song should be posted for all those men out there that wonder what they can do to show “the one” the women that you love how much you love them.

    When words just aren’t enough then go out there and do something kind for her. It doesn’t have to be just flowers or candy, (although that’s nice) but write her a letter about how much you appreciate her. Tell her how much you love her.

    You may think there are no women out there waiting for you, but they are, because I saw some of them in the ladies locker room at the gym.

    If everything else fails and you are at a loss of words then share this song with her…and if you aren’t musically inclined then just play this song for her and the rest will help itself if you know what I mean.

    Not cynical about Valentine’s Day anymore. Just another observer of what it should be like.

    Love always,

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