• Dear Stranger

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    Dear Stranger,

    I have never known love and yet the moment I saw you on that fall’s day, something in me clicked. There was – something – about you; a feeling so strong that rised from within me; all the thoughts racing in my head slowed down; every little problem past present or future that plagued my conscious suddenly became irrelevant. The moment I saw you, Stranger, I was swept by an overwhelming blanket of peace, and i do not know why.

    I do not know what it is about you that ignites such fire within me whenever your image graces my mind. I don’t understand the butterflies that dance so passionately whenever you pass me by. It seem’s no other man would do what the mere thought of you does for me.

    And I lust for the opportunity to get to know you, to let you know I exist, but my pride and shyness, fear of rejection holds me back, and so i long.

    I’ve never given much thought to fate, destiny. But there’s something inside me that keeps gravitating me towards you, keeps whispering to me that there’s something there. No, i’ve never believed in love at first sight and no, i do not love you, but for some phenomenal reason, my heart is locked in with you. Something tells me that our paths someday soon, will cross in a significant way; I have a strong feeling that fate will bind us together in the near future, i can feel it coming..

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