• Broken heart and soul

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    I have been looking for a perfect time and place for this but frankly there is none.
    When you said at the beginning of the year that I have been acting strange and weird and asked more about infidelity than the past three years and I told you that I just found out something, you did not ask what.
    I found your old phone and found out about S, E, and L.
    When I told you about my findings at the house and you gave me the great story about having people over from “management” as a “safe” house, I pretended to believe you even though I knew that you had your church camp lover over from PA – I found her text and email.

    You keep telling me how much you love me and take me to all your functions and friends. You let me stay around your kids and now the trip to HI. You have been talking about marriage for three years but I found out that you also proposed to S and she planned a wedding for last year – WHAT?!

    I am not sure what happened to us or if there even was an us. Am I not attractive enough for you anymore? Was I ever?

    I have given myself three months to see if you will keep your promises and help our “relationship” to move on. So far, you have kept your HI promise but I have not packed my bags yet because I know your MO, you always change things last minute…

    I love you and truly want you to be happy ~ whether I am part of it or not is to be determined. You have truly broken my heart and soul and I pray that you do love me and this is going to stop, if not, I don’t see a future in this and I will have to make the hardest decision of my life and leave you. My heart just broke a little more when I wrote that….

    I hope that we can work through this and that all will be great in the end because I love you from the bottom of my soul..



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