• Wait, what?

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    So apparently you’ve had a crush on me since 7th grade, over 10 years ago. We may have lost contact there for a while, but we’ve known each other since we were 2. And now we’ve covered some of the bases in catching up. And somehow, I’ve just ended up confused.

    I really like you. But I’m having a hard time knowing what to do with that information and if the liking you is true feelings or just a result of our conversations and the attention you’ve given me (and the picture saved on my phone). The two hours between us doesn’t help the situation. Nor does our parents being best friends.

    So basically, if I would actually have the courage to ask, I just want to know what the hell you want out of this. I’ll give it a shot, if that’s what you want (cause it’s what I want). But there’s no way for us to avoid each other if things go badly, so I don’t want to rush in.

    Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day. I hate the holiday and it brings back bad memories, but if you happen to mention it, it’d put a huge smile on my face. Which considering I’m spending the day with a dog who likes to scratch me and a bunch of wigs, it’d be nice.

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