• To Anyone Who’s Ever Been Hurt

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    To Anyone Who’s Ever Been Hurt:

    Trust me, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. The mistakes you’ve made, your decisions, we’ve made those too. You’re not the first, the last, or the only, and there will always be someone out there who understands. Your heart may be broken and tears may be shed, but life goes on. You may believe that it doesn’t but I can tell you that it will get better with time. Your friends? The people who have your back? They’re there for you to talk to. To cry on their shoulders. To laugh, to love, to joke, to occupy your mind for a short while.

    Although you feel shattered and alone, just remember that you have to keep trucking. Keep going in your life, because things fall apart every day; relationships end, people die, fights happen, but at the same time people get married, babies are born, and people fall in love, and one day that’ll happen to you too. Someone will walk into your life and you’ll finally understand the meaning of happiness. Joy. Love. Friendship. And you’ll have a fairy tale of your own. Until you find that person though, always remember your friends and family.

    Without that small group of people that hold you up when you’re stumbling, that pick you up off the ground, that love you and care about you no matter what… you have nothing. You’re alone. And the only thing worse than having to go through a hard time, is going through it without a friend. So don’t cut out the people who care about you. Keep them close. Have their backs when they need it and they’ll have yours. But I leave you with these parting words,

    Don’t ever turn your back on a friend. Don’t ever be afraid to love. Don’t ever be afraid of getting hurt. Don’t be afraid to feel. Don’t be afraid to be happy. And always, always be true first and foremost to yourself. Cherish the moments that take your breath away, and remember the little things. The smiles, the jokes, the laughter, and the love. Always, always, always remember the love.

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    1. February 16, 2012 at 8:09 am

      i agree with this..it feels like i speak for myself too.



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