• The teenage female population….

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    Coming from an 18 year old girl, guys out there, I feel for ya. I have recently stopped going on Facebook and checking it as if my life depended on it. Just yesterday I was sick and bored, so I figured I’d check it. Seeing the girls I graduated with and old family friends’ pictures, it made me sad. And I wasn’t sad because I was missing them, god no. I was sad because these girls these days are terrible!

    No, obviously I am not saying every teenage girl is a partying slut with no self-respect. I know I’m not, so there has to be more exceptions out there than me. Anyways, all I saw was girls showing too much skin, pictures of them taking shots, pictures of them kissing other girls, statuses and wall posts bragging about drinking, doing drugs or yes, even being slutty.

    Facebook is a site that your future employers can look at. They can decide whether or not they want to hire you from that site alone. Are you that dumb? That desperate? Hey if you can’t go a weekend without partying and hooking up with people, so be it. Who am I to judge? It’s the fact that you’re bragging about it in every way possible that gets to me. I’m not impressed, and chances are a lot of other people aren’t impressed either.

    And the girls that feel the need to pile on the make up and bend over so their boobs look extra big in their profile pictures, just so they can get 50+ likes and comments, how does that make you feel good about yourself? I honestly want to know. I would feel so dirty if I did that.

    And parents, why aren’t you checking your kids facebooks? Especially if they still live at home and you’re still paying their bills. They dont get the luxury of blocking you or not letting you have their passwords. They are not your friends, they are your children.

    Society today, I don’t know man…I just don’t get it. I could go on and on….

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    2 Responses to The teenage female population….

    1. Kate
      April 21, 2017 at 2:31 am

      That’s the trouble with asking these types of questions in regards to people’s behavior. We can sit here and contemplate over “why on earth would someone do that?” From my experience this comes from their own insecurities. The pressure to “fit in,” to be “cool.” They are so desperate to feel secure in some way that they choses to partake in these “activities.” Or of course, being plain rebellious. I’m sure if you tried to ask one of these individuals why they chose to do this or do that. They would give you an answer like “because that’s what everyone else is doing.” Or “Because I want to.” The answer is often times not rational. Which is why when we try to make sense of it. It doesn’t because we can not rationalize why we would ever think about doing the same. It is simply not a rational decision. It is very much based on the reward system in the brain. Which is why addiction exists. And why those people who brag on social media feel so “rewarded” when they get any sort of feedback (attention). Because think about it. If they were really as happy about life as they claim to be. Then they wouldn’t feel the need to brag about it.


    2. Well.
      April 22, 2017 at 3:56 am

      I blame the fucking kardashians – they are the worst of the whole lot. Famous for having sex – jesus, almighty christ – she probably can’t even bloody read. Our teenagers have NOBODY who isn’t vacuous, stupid or narcissistic to even look up to. The day our children idolise scientists instead of slag celebrities the earth may just shift in it’s orbit. I’m lucky neither of my teenage daughters are the least interested in partying or being on facebook and I disconnected my account. This world is insane.



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