• thanks for nothing

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    Dear t,

    you said you missed me and that you still wanted me to be part of your life. So even though it hurts so badly and I have to live each day knowing that you have found someone new already I have tried! I have said no harsh words to you and left you alone because I knew that’s what you initially wanted. So when you said you wanted me to be part of your life I offered up my friendship and to meet up with you and you ignored me. You are so selfish. Could you not have at least replied that you didn’t want to/could not meet up? Is that too much to ask. Just a little bit of respect. Why oh why did you ask to be part of my life again when you never intended to allow me to be part of yours. Did you say it because you thought it would make me feel better and to make up for the hurt and pain you caused! Or did you simply want to hear me say the words back to you, so you could feel like i hadn’t forgotten you?

    love me

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