• I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day

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    Hi My Love,

    I am sitting at work while vase after vase of roses are being delivered to women i work with the day before Valentine’s Day. Their smiles light up their face, and it is a truly a wonderful thing to see.
    As I look around at these women receiving flowers, I see something very familiar.
    Their smile.
    That joyus loving smile is the same smile I get every single day when I’m with you.
    Like when i get home from work and see you sitting on the couch in your “oh my god are those jeans?” sweat pants drinking a beer.

    Or when I sit and watch you cook me dinner in the kitchen, doing everything with so much concentration and precision.

    Or when I wake up in the middle of the night wrapped in your strong arms listening to your steady breath, feeling so safe.

    I know that if i sent you a text right now telling you about all of the flowers being delivered, you would make sure to have some delivered to me tomorrow because you’re heart is 10 times the size of an average human. And you will do anything to make me happy.

    But I won’t. I won’t because I know money is tight right now, and there are more important and necessary matters that demand your hard earned money. I won’t because I know those flowers will make me smile for a short period of time before they die, but being with you guarantees an everlasting smile.
    I already have everything I want for Valentines Day this year, and that’s you. The way you look at me, hold me, kiss me, and tell me how much you love me, is greater and more meaningful then anything money can buy.

    All of the little things you have done for me without me having to ask, all of the times you have looked deep into my eyes and said “i love you”, and all of kisses you have given me has proven time and time again how much you care about me, and that’s more then I could ask for.

    I can’t wait for all of the Valentines Days and tomorrows we have to look foward to.

    I love you so much.

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