• you went away, how dare you, I miss you.

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    Dear Brian,

    The first time I saw you, you were working behind the customer service counter. I had just gotten hired and I was at the store to start training. You only asked me my name so you could tell the manager I was there and then that was the end of that, but I just thought you were very good-looking.

    I didn’t see you for a couple days after that first encounter, but I thought about you a lot. That one Sunday night when it was just the two of us in the front of the store because everyone else went to go level the shelves is quite possibly the first time you talked to me besides the casual, “Can you open on register 8?” It was late and no one was in the store and I was very tired and probably looked it, too and you asked, “Are you okay?” I said yes, but then you followed up with, “You sure?” I just thought that was incredibly sweet. You were the first coworker to genuinely ask how I was. Then the next day you asked if everyone was being nice to me in the store. Another really nice thing to say. After that I was just done, I knew now that I was going to have a crush on you and would think about you all the time.

    As time went on, you got more and more attractive. The way you called customers ma’am, the fact that you were raised in the South (which has always been attractive to me with me liking country music and being from the north and all), and the way you gave a sarcastic answer for everything (like “Can I have more singles?” and you replied “No”. Or when you asked what time my shift ended and I said 8 o’clock and you said “No, 10 o’clock. You have to stay until 10 o’clock” and then you’d just smile.) Oh and I loved how I would walk in and you’d tell me to open a register and then a few minutes later you’d come over to me and go, “I’m so rude sometimes, I usually like to ask people how they’re doing before I start barking out orders.”

    Then, about after I had been working there for two months, I got a call from you one evening. The call went down like this:

    Me: “Hello?” You: “Hi this is Brian from work.” Me: “Hi, how are you?” You: “I’m alright. Do you know you were supposed to be at work at 5?” Me: “Really? Was it on the schedule?” You: “Yeah” Me: “I’m sorry I’ll be right there.” I felt bad and stupid for not being able to read the schedule properly, but I was just thankful you weren’t mad. When I got into work, you called me over to the customer service desk and you smile and say, “I’m really dumb.” I laughed and said, “I’m not on the schedule, am I?” And you said “No, I saw Christine’s name on the schedule and thought it was your name.” The good thing is is that you apologized about a million times to me, even the next day when I was there you said you were sorry.

    So as the weeks went on nothing too memorable happened, but I just liked working with you and would check your schedule so I’d know when you were working when I was. I wasn’t stalking your schedule, I was just curious. 🙂
    Anyway, Christmas Eve stands out particularly to me, though. I wasn’t working, but you were and I had to go in to check my schedule. I went over to the schedule and you said, “How’d you get off today? That’s not cool.” and as I went to pay for my things you said, “Oh wow it’s crowded! Can you open on register 6?” Another example of how sarcastic you are. And as I was leaving I said, “Merry Christmas” and you said “Same to you.” It doesn’t seem like much, but to me it was.

    Moving into the new year, you just as attractive as ever, joking around and making me laugh. But then in mid-January I was bagging for one of the other cashiers and I said, “Oh wow, why isn’t there a cashier supervisor on?” and she said, “Oh that must be because Brian got fired.” My stomach sank and it felt like someone had slapped me. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I had the ask the reason you were fired and I was told that you called a customer a derogatory term. What? Is this the same person that was the nicest person alive? I couldn’t even think straight for the rest of the night. And I’ll admit, I couldn’t really sleep that night, which is crazy because it’s not like we were dating or even really friends.

    I really missed you for the next few days and had you on my mind always. And I’m not a creeper, but I found your sister on facebook and she had some pictures of you up which helps a bit, But it just drives me crazy that I’ll never see you again.
    I miss you.
    You Cashier Admirer

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