• Well, what is it?

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    Just popping in to say

    “I’m still here! Don’t forget about me!”


    “I said I wanted to do this more, so here I am… okay, bye now!”


    “I want to talk to you, but I’ll probably get lost in something shortly.”


    “I want to talk to you, but I can’t want to hold this conversation, so I won’t say anything else.”

    or something completely different…?

    It’s not that it bothers me anymore (actually, it makes me laugh a little bit), it doesn’t even surprise me at this point, I don’t expect anything more (or anything at all for that matter), and more often than not, it isn’t the case anyway… but it DOES confuse me when it happens and I’m not sure where you’re coming from anymore, part of me doesn’t even really want to know- I try not to, and I shouldn’t, think about it anyway… doing so for more than 5 seconds makes me feel lame/gross/stupid/disrespectful/more confused/dirty/weird/uncomfortable/etc… but that’s beside the point. I actually don’t think about it every time, and I won’t ask you when we talk, if it even occurs to me- It’s not that big of a deal. I doubt there’s much to it… us girls tend to over think the simple things. Your typical explanation, #3, would probably be the answer anyway. It basically comes down to; I’m just an overly curious person in all aspects of life.

    Oh well… haha

    Peace out cub scout!

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