• Valentine’s Black Day in a Doggy Bag

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    Just like JG is not trying to be a italian rapist or therapist from his twitter comment, I am not in celebration of this day. Lol! It is the black day coming up. The one day that all single females dread. It is the time to put on the whole decor and write “I am really happy…don’t believe me then look at my very black clothes.”

    Yes, this is the day where everyone else is handing out roses, writing love notes, giving out nasty tasting candy hearts that say superficial stuff like “Be mine” or “I’ve got the hots for you” or “You make me blush.” Most couples who have been together already that doesn’t even really apply. Although the reminder on this special…I think… day clearly helps them remember that they are together during the time of busyness, work, kids, life, drama, and fighting.

    It’s the time when all single females walk around with a look on their face that reads, “Please don’t assume that I am single on this day… even though I am.”

    We sit at home or walk the streets downing a box of chocolate, eating ice cream, or working and trying to ignore the fact that all these other women have flowers or candy… that they didn’t buy. It’s the time you want to crawl in the back seat of your car and hope that nobody actually notices you. It’s the time that you would rather be sitting at a fancy dinner or watching a evening movie with your honey than sitting at mcdonalds with the elderly couples and wondering why the heck you are listening to some southern drawl song that takes you back to what you actually never really had to begin with.

    It’s the time where you make excuses for why your other half is no longer there. “Oh yeah, well they had to take a rain check,” we say. What does that really mean. Yeah, well I could go into grave detail about that, but instead it’s more about what THEY do and say that is clearly quite annoying and does not really help the situation.

    “Awww. Don’t worry. Love will come your way,” they say. Really? It did once. Did they ever mention about how it would leave, or never work out, or that you would end up severely unhappy and miserable, filled with relationships that were lies or with people who never really wanted to try to make it actually work? No. They are sympathetic beings who don’t realize that cooing over the miserable aspects of your love life is not exactly helping on a day like Valentine’s Day… a black day might I mention.

    So what am I doing on this drabby day? I’ll be wearing black to symbolize the true celebration of all those females out there that have been dropped, or stood up, or hurt, or the men just haven’t stood up to the plate and made the relationship work with you. It’s a symbol of freedom at it’s best. Freedom from the heartache…freedom from disappointments and poopy men.


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