• To My Core…

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    So, at first you were just one of the many I’ve admired. Unfortunately for you, I kind of have a thing for men in your particular position. I had a couple of glorious months of bi-weekly contact with you and then I was supposed to just say goodbye and be off. Well, I found that harder than it should have been and while I did manage to admire several others while we were apart, the minute you walked over to me and we shared that brief awkward conversation, I was hooked again.

    And you probably didn’t even notice how my eyes flickered over to you every couple of minutes during that party, though I’d like to believe that you wanted to talk to me too.

    And even though we’ll most likely never break the barrier set in place between us by circumstance, I want you to know that I like you, immensely.

    And no, I’m not thin or pretty or nearly as desirable as you are. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to accept me like this, which is why this letter is the closest I’ll even come to confessing to you.

    And yes, every time I think about your blue eyes or how you’re constantly fussing with your hair, I can’t help but think about how you’re just one more man I’ll never have because of what I’ve let myself become.

    Despite all this, I wish we could talk. You seem like a really interesting person.

    That Girl

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