• To God

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    Dear God,

    Sometimes I just don’t understand your ways. And I know we’re not meant to understand your ways but it’s so hard. I have feelings for the guy my friend had a crush on in our freshman year of college. I told her I’d never do that to her. So why did you put him in my path? Why did you introduce a guy to me who isn’t like any other guy I’ve met? He’s all I ever wanted in a guy and more. I never thought I’d meet a cute, sweet, funny, smart, quiet guy. Why did you give me a taste of him? A taste of what I’ve always wanted but have never actually experienced? Why did you show me a guy that would actually choose to sit next to me over other girls, a guy that would say hi to me in front of his friends, a guy that maybe, just maybe actually likes me? Why did I finally make the decision to pursue someone that might make me happier than I’ve ever been before and then you manipulated fate so that, once again, it looks like it’ll never happen? I know it’s part of your grand plan but, sometimes God, it’s just really hard to be alone.

    – A

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