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    Well, I’ve come to the realization that you only care for me as a friend. You made a decision to not go back to the way things were before… if they were truly there at all. I’m so dumb into thinking that you really cared.

    By the way we’ve been friends for a long time. Why don’t you tell her how you feel? How do I know? This always happens to me and I can pick up on things like that. I always do. Not once have I failed to predict the inevitable. It’s weird. My friends just shake their heads in disbelief when it usually comes true. I’m never surprised. I really should start up my own business, but I won’t because that would be stupid.

    You guys have been great friends for a long time too, and have so much in common. She would be great for you, and you guys I’m sure understand each other well.

    Next time I see you I will do my best to suppress those feelings so it won’t be awkward between us, but seriously you even said so yourself that this next year will be full of dreams. Why don’t you go for it!

    I’ll be there right behind you supporting you all the way with whatever you decide. Sigh. This always happens to me. Bad timing. Love that is NEVER reciprocated. Guess it’s okay. I have a lot of trust issues. I’ve got a long road of growing up to do. I’m so stupid for thinking that you would…

    But someday… someone is going to turn around and want me… and only me…after I make myself the best person that I can be. Someday.


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