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    Honestly, can we be real here for a second, without anyone getting offended and whiney and defensive, and instead taking this constructively?

    if you already know you are having a conversation on this website with the person you are intending to write to anyway… WHY are you still writing it on here?

    Talk in person… the anonymity of your letters no longer exists anyway, and to be quite frank, i’m tired of reading your same old bullshit over and over… and it seems like you post 10’s or 100’s of other letters saying the SAME EXACT THINGS all in a row, but changed to a poem or song or from a letter to a thought of all lengths and depths, and a few words changed around here and there thanks to your handy dandy thesaurus, so you sound creative and smart and cool.

    If you’re unsure it’s actually the person, then i completely understand…
    but to those of you who have outright said you KNOW that its the person, and you STILL hold the conversation with them via LINS… how do you expect to get anywhere in any sort of relationship (or lack there of) if you can’t even stop writing on an anonymous website, even though your identity is KNOWN, to look into that person’s eyes for even just one second and see how they really feel? And, if its that hard to use your vocal chords, try facebook or text messages or email or even snail mail! Get a fucking carrier pigeon for all I care… these ways, you don’t have to look them in the face, and you can still say all the same things without having to see their actual reaction, because like i said already.. they know who you are anyway.

    Now, obviously, this is just MY opinion and I’m NOT claiming to speak for anyone else on this website other than MYSELF, but I do know I have a right to say what I feel, whether its anonymous or not. Also, I don’t feel that it means leave the site entirely, but post about the things you would say to people who don’t actually know its for them… you know… like the site is intended for…?

    communication is key in any relationship, and the rapid decline of interpersonal communication… face to face… one on one… eye to eye…. its disgusting and sad. who’s going to be there for you when you’re sick or hurt? probably not the person on the other end of your phone or computer who for some reason can’t just talk to you in the same location that you are (and even some times are just across the room but still have to text)… it probably, in many cases, WILL be the people who you see day to day and dont even realize you take for granted because you “know” they’ll “always” be there… but still, you have to keep track of your digital friends just to make sure they’re still there and paying you attention and clicking buttons to inform you that they approve of your opinions, thoughts, jokes, etc, and the way you look or what you do in your photos. you forget about the real life, physically present, human beings standing right next to you. Be careful, because you probably don’t know how easily they can drop you when they get tired of being put on the back burner for some 59 year old perv out in bumfuck, america who is presenting themselves as that super sexy guy/girl just around your age, from (insert exciting location or somewhere near to your own location) who “happens to” like all the same things you and you just can’t understand why they’d ever be online instead of out with people in the first place. its because more often than not, they are out with people, and not online, and you’re talking to a picture of a hot 19 year old blond with the voice of a mid-aged man, smoking for 3/4 his life.

    at least here, you’ve got part of an ounce of privacy, but good luck anywhere else.

    learn to use that birth right that you hold in your mouth – your tongue – you’d be surprised how much more effective it can be than the hand/wrist/eye problems you’ll be getting in your later years, if not already.

    and for those of you who get upset because I touched a little too close to home…
    before you start writing all these hater comments with fire shooting out of your asshole and smoke out your ears… realize its not me you’re pissed at for saying these things. it’s you that you’re pissed at for acting on something that, when put into honest words, sounds like something you’d rather not be doing. if you didn’t think it actually sounded bad, you wouldn’t be upset, and likewise for those of you who this doesn’t apply to… unless you’re just one of those people who cares way to much about what others think (to the point of caring what even a complete stranger from any part of the globe who you will 99.9999% NEVER come to know thinks)

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    11 Responses to Reality is…

    1. harsh
      February 12, 2012 at 11:35 pm

      but generally gets my vote.
      Especially this part ‘communication is key in any relationship, and the rapid decline of interpersonal communication… face to face… one on one… eye to eye…. its disgusting and sad’


    2. anonymous
      February 13, 2012 at 5:41 am

      Yea or maybe just they write like it says to write letters not sent. If was talking it wouldn”t be not sent!


    3. Lex
      February 13, 2012 at 8:30 am



    4. AJ
      February 13, 2012 at 8:47 am

      completely agree! i don’t know why people are so afraid to explain their true feelings even though it will make everything so much better..


    5. Enjay
      February 13, 2012 at 9:24 am

      I agree with the first comment: it is indeed harsh, but sometimes the only way to get a message across is by being blunt and straight-forward. Out of all the letters I’ve written on here (and there have been quite a few), only one has received comments that *could* have been from the person addressed, and even then I’m not a hundred percent sure it was her because she disappeared just as quickly before I could confirm it. But i totally agree with what you in regards to interpersonal communication and talking face-to-face if the person you wrote to makes it known that they saw your letter.


    6. easy solution
      February 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm

      if you don’t like the content on this site, stop visiting it. simple as that.


    7. The Led Zeppelin Fanatic
      February 13, 2012 at 3:20 pm

      I’m with Easy Solution. No one is making you read our letters. And no one wants to be judged here by you just because you think you’re all that. People don’t write here with the expectation of accomplishing their issues. It’s an outlet. But hey, not everyone gets that; you’re one of them. So stay off of LINS.


    8. Daniel
      February 14, 2012 at 4:30 pm

      I come on here looking for inspiration as well as looking for a letter from that one woman. I know she comes and occasionally posts here. While I get that no one is forcing me to read the interminable exchange between J and Ash, it gets old to wade through message after message of the same old thing. The OP has it right; once the anonymity is gone it’s time to move to a different way of communicating.

      Not every one here is a lovesick teenager.


    9. AUTHOR
      February 14, 2012 at 4:48 pm

      haha, you guys…

      Yeah i definitely was harsh, i wont deny that, but at least I got my point across…
      Like I said, in my opinion its understandable when you don’t know for sure, but when you and the other person are fully aware of each other’s identities, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity of finally getting to discuss something you’ve clearly wanted to anyway… seeing as you typed it out.. you know? its like someone did the dirty work of initiating the conversation for you, so now you just get to coast along on the ride and talk things out. that’t not something that commonly happens… TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR LUCK.

      and to the last 2…
      my disliking the redundancy of the misuse of this website doesn’t mean I should or have to leave.
      I don’t read most of the letters anyway, like you suggest. I just skim until I find an interesting one… and then I read it. but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the letters I’m referring to… and like i just previously stated- it is understandable if you are venting or posting something while not knowingly getting the response you are looking for… but if you ARE talking to someone who you’re trying to get a message to anyway… just GO FOR IT… take the plunge… speak face to face and get to know how to communicate with that particular person so that you don’t have to feel the desire to post your feelings anonymously. life is too short! you’ve received the RARE benefit of this website which is to get your message across to someone you’ve been too nervous to talk to one on one.

      I’m fully aware I don’t have to read what people write… which is why i sometimes dont… and it doesn’t mean I can’t form my own opinion on it, doesn’t mean I cant voice it yeah, people don’t want to be judged… its natural, whether its on this website or anywhere else… but, they are posting to a PUBLIC DOMAIN. there are other options such as a journal (online or paper) or art or music… so many different outlets. take your own advice – if you don’t like reading my opinions, then dont… nobody is forcing you, obviously i’m not holding a knife to your neck or a gun to your head… i don’t even know you. they’re just WORDS. i didn’t even know you existed or were going to read this, so don’t think that you were a specific target. you’ve completely missed the point of what I was saying… but hopefully you’ll understand now… if not, oh well.

      life isn’t so easy as to saying you don’t want someone to do or say something and always having your way, in the same way that we learn that saying we want something doesn’t always mean we’ll get it. (maybe you haven’t reached a point in your life that all of this has occurred to you? maybe not.)

      SO… if they care that much, then maybe THEY should think again about posting to a website which gives others the abilities to share their opinions… its an “easy solution.”

      oh, and to “led zeppelin”
      i never once said I think I’m “all that…” I didn’t even try to hint at it or hide it in my words hoping someone would catch on… might not be the case, but, if you’re upset and trying to find a way to make me feel the same way- sorry to inform you that it didn’t work out the way you wanted.

      I’m not certain, but I’d be willing to bet you’re one of the ones I’m referring to…

      Think about it… you’re being a little over sensitive. i’m not offended by a couple of words that a stranger typed out… that’s right, a STRANGER… someone who knows nothing about me in the least. I could pass you on the street tomorrow and wouldn’t know it even if you smashed your car into mine. i hope one day you’ll get to realize that what other people try to put on you DOESN’T actually have to be taken offensively IF you know what you really are and are not and can remember it when you’re doubting yourself. You’re probably giving someone satisfaction by getting all flustered and riled up and spitting out useless names or threats or whatever comes out of your mouth, which they are going to completely forget about in 20 seconds anyway, meanwhile you’re sitting and stiring in your questions about if you really are like that, and why someone brought it to your attention, and if they really think it… I’m not saying I’m better than you, because I know that I’m not, so you can skip over that one… I’ve been there myself, everyone has… its the growing up part that’s important. You’ll either learn to laugh at it, take it constructively if you can admit to your fault and the truth of the statement, shrug it off knowing they’re wrong even if they insist they’re right, or take it to heart and doubt what you know is real, breaking yourself down, wasting time and energy on something SO pointless… when you could be out enjoying what the world has to offer and the people who aren’t really out to get you.

      I’m still giggling (out loud) at your “So stay off LINS”
      …adorable 🙂


    10. reader
      February 15, 2012 at 7:27 am

      to AUTHOR,
      Interesting views, thank you


    11. regardless
      February 15, 2012 at 7:51 am

      this buck will stop at freedom of speech



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