• Move On and Be Happy

    by  • February 12, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    If you’re done…

    Why are you still talking about it?

    Why are you still worrying about him?

    Why are you still wondering what it would of been like if things had been different?

    Why are you still texting, calling, emailing, and messaging him?

    Why are you looking back at old conversations in your phone?

    Why are you stalking his page to see if there’s anything about you on there?

    Why are you crying yourself to sleep?

    Why are you shrugging off other guys like you have someone else, and he’s coming back for you?

    Why are you holding on to those lies he told you ?

    Why are you still trying to find a guy like him?

    Why are you listening to every song on your ipod that reminds you of him?

    Why are your pictures with him NOT torn up and in the garbage?

    Why are you not out trying to move on with your life?

    Why are you letting him still ruin your life, even after things ended?

    Why is his contact still in your phone?

    And most importantly … why are you lying to yourself?

    If you were happy and over it, you wouldn’t be doing these things. BE HAPPY.

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