• A Summers Eve.

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    We met eachother in summer going into grade 9. I gave you everything i had… literally. you were my first for most things, but mainly my first love<3, we lasted no more than 6 months, i’ve had a boyfriend of 3 years and so did you. we both cheated on our significant others with each other. you were always my fall back to man. you were my love that i never thought i’d love again. i am now in my second year of college and you’re still a part of my life, we still talk.. i still dream. I wish i never screwed up when i was young and dumb, i wish what we have never broke up, i will try everyday to work at this because i’m 20 now and i’ve realised that the reason nothing ever worked before was because no one was ever YOU.

    I want you to know when you invite me out the minute you say you’re outside my house my heart stops, i get butterflies, and i get so nervous, as i walk up to your truck i can’t stop smiling. as you kiss me i feel like i’m in heaven. you’re beautiful and i never wanted to hurt you before, i hope you forgive and forget about the past.

    Finally.. were are both single. i am going to try my hardest to make you love me again. i did when i was 14 and i will again. ily secretly, but i could never tell you.

    I want summer to come faster so we can have those long walks along the lake and feel your arms around my waist, get late night ice cream, and cuddles at the secret river.

    To my summers eve. i miss you

    The Girl You Still Think About

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