• To You

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    If you leave now then it was never real. It was never real what we had. I can’t deny how I feel and my heart. I didn’t get it before, but if you were asking me then it was obvious that you weren’t happy where you were at… and that was supposed to be my clue. I didn’t get it before. Now I do. I’m not happy without you. Honestly. Our friendship really did catch on fire and it’s burning so hot for me right now that I can hardly breath. It is real. You have gotten me through some real tough times when I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. You are my everything. I’m not saying I’m needy… I’m saying I didn’t get it before but now I know. I get it.

    But if you leave now then you’ve proven to me that none of this was real. Love never gives up. Love hopes. I’m hoping. I’m not giving up until you say it’s over for sure. You know the difficulty that I’ve been facing. You’ve always been there for me. You still are despite everything.

    I’ll always be there for you. If this is what you want is to kindly back out now then I’m not stopping you.

    But frankly I know I will never be happy without you, and I hope you realize that too. Before it’s too late and you give up.

    We are meant to be together. I know that now. You aren’t happy. I’m not happy.

    We are friends. Let’s ignite that fire and let it burn!

    I love you.

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    1. hopeful
      February 11, 2012 at 7:44 pm

      This letter sounds hopeful but hard to be for really sure.
      Leave? Leave from where? Here? There? You see?

      !!YES friends and lets face it…. being real friends, you know the kind that don’t treat each other like shit would be a HUGE improvement. i love you



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