• To the Bitch Who Fucked Us Over

    by  • February 11, 2012 • Hatred • 0 Comments

    You know what, Jamie? I’m so fucking done with you. We’ve been friends since day one, but now I feel like I don’t even know the crazy bitch you’ve become. You’ve changed so much, and I’m tired of trying to be nice to you. I’m beyond the point where I want absolutely nothing to do with you; I actually wish for your nonexistence. You utterly repulse me as a female. You’re a psychopathic girlfriend, and you’ve deluded yourself into thinking all the bat-shit crazy shit you do is sane. Had we still been friends, I would have told you your boyfriend cheated on you every time you pathetically screamed “do you still love me?!” during every one of your fights. I know it’s not my business to be involved in your unhealthy relationship to a kid stupid enough to be facing federal drug charges, but when those fights occur at 8 in the morning EVERY FUCKING DAY, waking up the entire block, I’d say it’s about time the two for you fuckers called it quits. I’ve never liked him, but I never thought I’d hate you more.

    You are the worst friend I have ever had. I truly thought we could be best friends forever. But you’ve ruined that. You, apparently, live in a fantasy land where laws and responsibilities don’t seem to apply. You singed a year-long lease, knowing full and well that you didn’t have the funds to pay for it, or a co-sign from you parents. You deluded yourself into thinking that you would easily be able to find a job and that would help cover your rent. Yet, when you actually did manage to get a job, you quit due to it being “inconvenient.” Bitch, you don’t even know the meaning of “inconvenience,” seeing as how much you’ve inconvenienced us. You accumulated thousands of dollars of debt to your boyfriend, the bank, and us. And you act like it’s no big deal! If you had ANY kind of self-respect, you would have never allowed yourself to move into a house you knew you couldn’t pay for, only to have your boyfriend pick up the tab for every single expense. He fucking hates you now, yet you’re too blind to see it. He’s cheated on you, and how many times have you broken up because he doesn’t want you to be his financial burden? And yet you still degrade yourself by asking for more and more money. Have you no shame whatsoever? I guess you’re idiotic fucking scumbag of a boyfriend finally wised up when he told you he could no longer pay your rent (which he had been covering for at least 3 months). But what did you do? Did you follow the instructions our landlord set in place to get you out of your lease? No, of course you fucking didn’t. All you had to do was find a replacement roommate to sublet your room, plain and simple. Anyone else in the real world would have been asked to do the same thing. But, once again, you seem to live in a non-reality, where you can just pack up your bags, not worry about the 3 months of rent you haven’t paid, damage furniture that didn’t belong to you in the first place, and not even bother to find a replacement like you were told to.

    So now, because you’re the worst fucking roommate in the entire world, you left the financial burden on us. Because of you, we now have to split your portion of the rent. So, once again, you’ve shrugged off any sort of legal or ethical responsibility you face.

    Grow the fuck up, Jamie. This is no longer high school. You’re a grown-ass woman, or at least you pretend to be. Stop fucking up your brain by doing any and every drug you can get your nasty fucking hands on, and man the fuck up. You disgust me to the core, and you’re the only girl I have ever deemed the term “cunt” appropriate for. Although, I can’t even call you a girl, can I? You’re more like Satan’s spawn, sent to wreak havoc and royally piss off all of those around you.

    Honestly, you’re lucky you still at least have your fucked up relationship with your boyfriend. He seems to be the only person who even remotely cares about you. You’ve been such a cunt to everyone else.

    You are seriously the biggest cunt I have ever met.

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