• As Young and Broken, as Aught of Mortal Birth

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    I can forgive you for all that you’ve put me through. I can forgive you for depriving me of a family. I can forgive you for ignoring me when I asked to see a therapist about the depression that you ignored, too.
    I won’t forget about it, can’t forget about it, however. I may be living in a first-world country with basic necessities and even some treasures – a cat I love more than anything, electronics, glasses… But I have no love.

    I show symptoms of psychopathy, because I have little love in my life. Daddy dearest doesn’t give a fuck. My sweet sister is the reason for one, two, four, eight, how many cuts are there on my body? Mommy doesn’t care- not in her bed of broken dreams and migraines galore.

    You don’t know that your little nerd, the baby of the family, is turning into a slut. You don’t know she’s a future alcoholic. You don’t know she’s mentally ill, or a pushover. You don’t know none of these problems would be alive if you gave her what she needs – love. You know fuck-all about me.

    I’m too young to feel this old, to have failed life already.
    Too young to be so broken.
    Too young to die.

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    One Response to As Young and Broken, as Aught of Mortal Birth

    1. Sighs
      February 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm

      I am you -probably 25 years back. I know how you feel.
      Reading your post tells me a few things:
      You are smart
      You have a beautiful mind
      and here it comes, are you ready for it?
      …you are strong and much better then this!

      Don’t give up and throw yourself and hopes away, instead
      learn your lessons well. You will be stronger then most
      and undoubtedly reach your goal of being somebody you
      haven’t even dreamed possible – yet.

      Take a breath… I don’t know you but I love you nonetheless!



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