• You complete me.

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    “Everybody has bad stuff. Everybody has stuff that bothers them inside. *I* have bad stuff, too. But you have to focus on the good things you have in your life. As for me, I have YOU, you’re the good stuff in my life, you’re my happiness that makes up for the bad stuff inside.”

    I know I keep pushing you away, But deep down inside it makes me happy to imagine us 10 years down the road with you still telling me stuff like this to reassure me that everything will be okay.
    As torn as I am right now, I can still picture my life with you by my side.

    -I see us beginning to intertwine our roots and plant them firmly in the ground. We will blossom and grow and flourish and be filled with so much happiness neither of us know what to do with. You’ll find a job that you’ll be excellent at, but dont care for very much, You’ll probably stick it out with that job anyhow. You’ll tell me “It brings in good money that I cant let go of, we need this baby” As I encourage you to find something else that makes you happy during pillow talk before we lay our sleepy heads down at the end of our productive day. I’ll smile and tell you that you’re still my hero after all this time. We’ll kiss then fall asleep in our quiet home. OUR home, that we purchased, for us and our children. Yes, we will have children. Beautiful children, they’ll have your eyes, and my hair. They’ll have my gentleness and your wit. And they will be the most precious thing in the world to both of us. Our home will be filled with so much love, laughter, coziness and happiness that it will immediately be felt when someone steps inside. We will watch our children grow into amazing beings, and wonder how we made such perfect people. We’ll live happy for the rest of our lives. We’re going to argue sometimes, that’s inevitable. We’ll argue and start to turn away from each other then turn right back around and apologize at the exact time. I can see the smile on my face now. We’ll make love passionately and then the regular happy flow of life will return back to normal. We’ll do everything together. You’ll be my best friend and I’ll be yours. We’ll just hang out at night, watch movies cuddled up in each others arms. You’ll teach me to play chess, because everyone should know how to play chess. You’ll make coffee in the mornings because you know how much I despise making my own coffee. And sometimes, I’ll even suck it up and make it myself and bring you a cup in bed. We’ll lay there and watch the morning news while having our coffee. I’ll go grocery shopping at buy all the things you like. You’ll cook of course, because you doubt my cooking skills. But that’s alright. I’ll come behind you and wrap my arms around your chest and give you kisses on your neck. We’ll have candle lit dinners and you’ll bring me home flowers just because you wanted to, because you are, after all, the greatest husband in the world. We’ll sit on our front porch at night and watch the stars. While holding hands, you’ll point at all the stars and talk, like you actually know what you’re talking about. You’ll ask me (like you have a million times before) “Do you know anything about stars?” I’ll say no, with a smile, and you’ll say “Yeah, I dont either” We’ll laugh at each other and continue to star gaze, because even though neither of us know much about them, we both know that they’re beautiful. Besides that, you’ll be in love with the way the moon light illuminates my body. We will give each other back rubs after long hard days. We’ll take showers together, and I’ll wash your back for you. We’ll have long talks at night about how far we’ve come and how proud we are of our life that we’ve made together. You’ll cut me off mid-sentence because I said a word wrong, you’ll correct me, i know you just cant help it, you’ll laugh at me as I tell you to shush with a smile on my face. I admire how smart you are. Your head is filled to the brim with knowledge and it will never cease to amaze me how you teach me something new every single day. We’ll grow old together, and we’ll love every single minute of it. We’ll still hold hands when they’re worn and wrinkled. We’ll get gray hair together and wonder where all the time went to. You’ve got nine years on me, so I promise I’ll take care of you when you’re too old to do it yourself. And even though it’s going to be tough, I’ll be happy to do so, because we promised to love one another through sickness and health. Eventually I’ll catch up with you, and we’ll be old together. We will be the two happiest people this world has ever seen. We’ll be proud of each other and the long life we made it through together. We’ll be proud of our children and how well we brought them up. We will be accomplished and satisfied to the fullest. We will have done absolutely everything that we wanted to in this life. We will love each other till death. We will be the epitome of love to our children and grand children, and probably even our great grand children. Our family will talk about our love for ass long as they all live, and they’ll strive to find what you and I shared.

    This will be our life. I just sat here for 3 hours letting my mind wander, writing this. I’ve never thought this deep into our relationship before now. And this makes me happy. I want to tell you, that I want this. All of this. Lets make this happen.
    I love you like I have never loved anyone.
    Lets grow old together.

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