• till that day we meet

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    Sorry for stalking you.. but as I told you, that is my only way to know your condition . I sent you many letters asking your condition, give you motivation, but I never got any respond.
    I am your friend, aren’t I? I really want to be your friend not to be your stalker..

    This morning, I really want to give you up for the …. hmm, I don’t even know how many times I ended up with this decision. I really am tired to take care of you, to think of you.. I almost told you about that.. but then I remembered what I want to tell you next time we meet..
    “Love is patient, Love is kind.”

    You didn’t tell me to leave you alone, but you signaled it.

    I will leave you alone..
    I will wait till you ready to tell me your problems.

    Please be good, please take care of your health, please always have quiet time with God, please don’t loose your faith, be wise, open your eyes, please don’t let yourself get confused.

    keep smiling 🙂 don’t become like this :(|)

    your beloved sister,

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    1. dek
      February 10, 2012 at 7:58 pm

      doesn’t seem like stalking. maybe more like… borrowing an interpreted caricature version for literation

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