• Pointless hope

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    Why is it so hard to get over people? I’ve liked you for so long, and you’ve liked me. We are absolute 100% complete opposites. We have the same family values though, that’s good.

    You literally can’t go a weekend without partying, and I can count the times I’ve “partied” on one hand. It just isn’t fun to me. Why do you wanna get drunk and feel sick when you can have fun sober?

    You don’t want to be tied down, and I get that. I’m not ready for a relationship yet either. But you’re always on the back burner just like I’m always on your back burner. I don’t know though…when we see each other we act like a couple. But I have a hard time believing I’m the only girl you act like that with.

    I have no idea what the point of this letter is. Maybe it’s that I check LINS and hope to see a letter from you, confessing your love to me so I know I’m not in this alone. I know you don’t even know this website exists though….here’s to wishing…

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