• Must be Valentine’s Day again..

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    Hearts fly high this time of year, don’t they?
    Longing becomes more imminent.

    I know you won’t forget. Just to make sure you won’t, you probably
    have a an e-card ready and dated to be delivered perfectly on time.
    I know. So much to think of, so much life to live, so many cards to send.
    Thank you technology, caring for others was never made easier.

    Why would anyone need a personal touch? A hug, a kiss, much less falling
    asleep in each others arms? Our busy world provides so nicely convenient
    options/alternatives. Everybody can simply have everything. Technology.
    One never has to really *be* anywhere anymore, and yes, I too, fall asleep hugging my laptop every single night.

    Electronic closeness – Substitute. Sadness in acceptance profound.
    It will always reach surface from time to time, despite self control.

    We are different.

    While I am your substitute, you are my teacher.
    The one person who managed to show me what love feels like, what it can
    be like. Or are you showing me what it *never* is/will be?
    I am electronically challenged.

    I’m sorry I can not type what shows so very obvious in my eyes.
    I’m sorry I can not type what I feel when you hold me in your arms.
    I’m sorry I can not type every sweet sensation of melting into you.
    I’m sorry I don’t type every tear that brushes down my cheek.

    Maybe you don’t understand because it’s easier not to?

    I love you, K.R.,
    and while those too – are words, you alone give them meaning.

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