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    by  • February 10, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    If i had known so much, last time i saw you? i force you to repeatedly tell me you love me. You know, not ME of course. Just practicing. Then I’d take your phone and text mine…”i love you, baby” “i miss you” “i cant wait to see” “happy birthday” “happy valentine’s day” “come see me now because i cant wait to wait to your sweet face again”. Of course, it wouldnt REALLY be to me, it’d be practicing. I’d try to get you to do it but you’d probably just squirm around and then come up with some sorry ass excuse about something because you just cant bring yourself to engage in such outrageous behavior. It’s so stupid. Even though it b just be a game playing around and you even claim to be some kind of free thinking, fun loving person, FUN person. What kind of fun loving person doesn’t say fun things? Or do funny things? Then we’d play the “see and speak” game. I write little phrases and make you say them over and over. Not because you feel them of course. It’s just a game! Stop being such a parti pooper!

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