• I have a confession….

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    …. Ian.
    I have a confession.
    ………. THIS cannot wait.

    I have a thing for gingers.
    I can’t ignore it.
    and when I say I have a thing for gingers.
    I really mean to say.
    You’re hot and I have a thing for you.
    Its hard enough I used to be in your discussion group…and now I have another class with you.
    Sometimes I just wait for the semester to be over so that we could date.
    Or just get coffee.
    Its bad enough my desktop background is a picture of the dirty torn TOMS you wear every day to class but… I can’t help it. They do me in.
    The way you are so aloof and pretentious…how you pretend not to care.
    makes me care all the more.
    Sometimes I wish I was a rock so that you could climb me. . .
    since you’re a rock climber.
    I wish you weren’t my TA.
    You’re hot and I want to bang you.
    Don’t tell my boyfriend.

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