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    Today, I learned a harsh truth. Ultimately, you are alone in this world. Even the people that you thought would always be there, won’t be. They will always choose themselves over you, every time. You may love each other but I guarantee they love themselves more.

    This person may not realize how much they might have hurt you. They might not understand that you felt alone or that they are needed so badly. None of this matters, they still left you high and dry when times got tough.

    So, Who are we supposed to turn to when the person who we thought would be there unconditionally isn’t? We turn to ourselves. You pick yourself back up and show yourself the best way to go. This person who abandoned you is not worth your effort to try and make them notice. They make you feel worthless and disposable. Only valuable when they get something in return.

    I think it is safe to say that most people won’t ever have to face the fact that the one they need the most isn’t going to help them when they need it most. Those people are very lucky. For the rest of us we must realize that is not selfish to consider yourself your unconditional. I think that it makes you stronger knowing that you are the only one looking out for you.

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