• Breaking Under Pressure…

    by  • February 10, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 0 Comments

    You know how I said I would always be there? It was not a lie, you are just making it one. You are the one pushing me away. And, I am so sorry for having priorities. You do not understand, although I know you have a lot going on as well. That does not give you the right to be angered when things do not go your way. Sorry I can not see you on a daily basis. Honestly it is YOUR fault, you are the one who went on stupid Independent Study! I on the other hand, I am practically failing two of my classes. Do you care, No. You said you were done. So why do I not feel the same? Why am I still going to be your stupid victim? Oh yeah, because I am a good person, who does not get pissed at my friends because they have a lot going on. I have Parli Pro, Co-Ops, State Degree and now Proficiency; because I have to live up to my sister’s expectations. I am not my sister though, why do I have to be her? Answer me that. Why am I cutting again? Stress, you, self-esteem. It is all bullshark. Let me set up the scenario, just to see how unfair it all is.
    You: Meet me here, please?
    Me: Fuhhh, Replies: “Can’t FFA stuff, come to the school?”
    You: “No, never mind”
    Me: Freaking great….awesome….kill me…..
    Does that seem fair? I was working on an application that could get me a bucnh of scholarships, you do not understand that though. So, you start running around with a stupid hoe, just because she has nothing better to do with her life, so she has all this extra time. I am sick and tired of it. Friends are supposed to support one another. I am trying, but it is not good enough for you. I never get mad when you have no time for me. Why can it not be the same for you? Thought you were my Best Friend, I guess I was wrong…</3

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