• When you used to love me

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    Back when you used to be in love with me things were so different. I was so different. When we met I was broken, you loved that I did not care about anything. You wanted us to date, I just wanted some fun. That random day you messaged me that you were freaking out and we had to talk, I was clueless. That night you said you wanted me to be your girl, we knew our pasts but that together we could change. I changed just the way you wished, I followed your words and hung onto them. I fell in love with you, and you fell out.

    I told you love was for fools, and that it didn’t really happen. I was wrong, and now I am stuck in this hurtful love. You said you never wanted to hurt me but you did so many times over. You thought I was stupid and I never would know. You thought you were smooth enough to get away with it all.

    You started talk about our future, I thought it was sweet and creepy. Later on in the relationship I knew I wanted to marry you later on down the road, and suddenly I was moving too fast and putting pressure on you. You were the one who took me on a trip the first week of us dating,you were the one who said I love you and I told you not too that it was too soon. Yeah, of course.

    I regret my time with you. I wasted so much time and changed to a pathetic love sick girl; I swore that would never be me. Though our time together was not too bad because in a way you did save me. I learned through the hell you put me through that I come first and a “man” never even comes next.

    I don’t know why you like to do this to girls. Darling, I am sure you would deny it but the truth is that you do. You try to boost up your self-esteem by making others feel terrible. I gave you the option the first time you messed up for us to be open and you said no. God forbid I had some fun too.

    I have nothing else to say about it all, once I leave this place I can leave the memory of you behind.

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