• When Harry Met Sally

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    Dear S,

    I know she’s your best friend. I know you have a beautiful friendship that I would never want to do anything to hurt. I know you think I hate her, but the truth is, I hate how much she spends time with you. You are my boyfriend, and I don’t feel right about your sleepovers. I know there is nothing going on between you, but it’s hard not to feel jealous.

    These days the common consensus is that a man and a woman cannot be just friends (let alone best friends) without one of them having feelings for the other. You say you are not interested at all, but that does not mean that you are not suppressing feelings, or that you never had feelings before that could resurface. When she sleeps in your room do you ever get the urge to go crawl into bed with her? Have you ever imagined being with her? How could you not? You have so much in common. You have more in common with her than you do with me. When I see you interact with her I see something there that I sometimes don’t see when I’m with you. She is constantly making you laugh and I can really see the joy between the two of you. If she was interested, would you be interested?

    I don’t want to seem like the jealous girlfriend, so I don’t bring it up. When I do bring it up, it comes out as little comments here and there that make you think I hate her, which I don’t. I actually really like her, and I think she and I could be really good friends if your relationship with her wasn’t so threatening. The last part of your relationship with her that really scares me is how close she is with your mom. I know your mom is probably secretly hoping you will marry this girl. You listen to your mom for everything. I am afraid this will be no different. I also know you would be really happy with someone who gets along really well with your mom, and while I get along well with your mom, this other girl will always be her first choice.

    What I’m trying to say is, I really like her. She is a great friend. I want you both to be happy, but from enough of a distance that I can feel comfortable. I so wish I could tell you this without you taking it the wrong way, but I know I will just seem like the jealous girlfriend trying to control who you hang out with, and you hate being told what to do. As Harry said in When Harry Met Sally, I am really just the girlfriend wondering what is missing from our relationship, and why you would choose her over me some of the time.

    From, D

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    1. SaraJane
      February 10, 2012 at 2:02 am

      Wow, I feel like you read my mind! I totaalyyy understand.

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