• Us against the world.

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    I wish I could just close my eyes and let myself fall into this. Everything inside of me is telling me not to. Not because you’re not good. But because I’ve been hurt so deeply before, recently in fact. You’re aware of this. I feel damaged. You understand completely and you’re still willing to give this everything you’ve got. Because you want this. You want me. You want to fix me. You want to heal me. You want to love me. You want to make me happy. I’ve always known that you’re the good guy,and throughout the years, I’ve always passed you by. I dont know how I got so lucky to find someone like you. I dont deserve you. I dont deserve anything you have to offer me. Maybe that’s why I’m pushing you away. Because I dont feel deserving. I dont feel like I could even give you back half of what you give me. Even though *you’re* the one who deserves it. You deserve the very best woman I can be. And right now, I’m not at all at my best. I’m not even close. I lost myself in the last one, the one who took everything from me. And I know I’m not going to find myself in you. I find is absolutely amazing how my mind works and how it argues with my stupid fucking heart. You are truly the greatest man I’ve ever met. I’ve never said that about any guy I’ve came across in my life. Not even my father. YOU are the very best. You’re amazing in every single way. You try so hard to make me happy, to make me smile. You reassure me every single day that you love me, no matter what I may put you through, you “love my guts” I’ve never had anyone care so much about me and my well being like you do. You’re the truth in my life. You’re pure. You’re selfless. You love me unconditionally. I have something I never want to let go of. I have something worth fighting for. YOU are worth fighting for. I still have some demons inside to conquer and some things to work out in my head. But I know you wont give up on me. You love me, I love you, and this is something I *know* you wont ever let go. I’ll get it together soon babe, I promise. The next time you ask me “It’s us against the world, right babe?” I’ll be ready to say yes.

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