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    Okay so I learned something from all of this. Now I’m kicking myself in the stomach for doing it once again. I can just picture LINS staff just shaking their heads. I’m in the middle of this scenario. This play that has already been written. It’s been written on the pages of two hearts. I’m in the middle of it… somehow.

    This is to you. Yes. Keep reading. I’m talking about you two now. I’m not talking about me. This could get confusing so I’m trying to clarify.

    If you’ve always loved someone then go and be with that person. There is no choices or complications. Love is simple. There is only one choice. Yes love is a commitment that is honest. Quite frankly you’ve been living a lie for many years. You have always known what you wanted, but you just never reached for it. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll start again.

    I have learned that when you run from something…love that you are alway searching for it in everyone else. But you can’t find it. Your heart is torn. It’s torn for a reason. I wouldn’t normally say this about love, because this situation is different than most loves. I wouldn’t encourage this, but I think in this case… it’s got to be said… from an old friend.

    Yes, I’m sure there are obstacles but the bottom line is that if you both have loved each other for so long then just go for it. But stop trying to run from the truth.

    Somehow I got into the middle of all of this and I think I see it from the outside of everything. That other person that you are thinking of leaving… should know. You shouldn’t just lead them on thinking that you still care when in fact your heart is somewhere else. That HAS TO BE ADDRESSED.

    Before you make the vows consider why you are so unhappy. I can see that you aren’t happy. Knowing your situation more in depth, I can honestly say this is really true. It kills to see such a good friend be so not himself. You aren’t you when you are with her. You are someone that everyone sees is NOT YOU. Speaking from personal experience some relationships do that and it’s time to get out before you lose yourself altogether and do things that you will regret later on.

    I wouldn’t normally say this to you, because it’s none of my business… except I got into the middle of it somehow.

    It’s time to walk away. It’s time to tell the truth. Otherwise you will spend the rest of your life committing to something that will make your life a living hell.

    Coming from the middle of it all…somehow… it’s time to stop running. If you don’t stop running from her…your best friend than you will always be looking for her in everyone that you see. You won’t be able to think about anyone else… but her face. It’s that simple. It’s not me that I’m talking about. You know who.

    It sounds like she loves you too. Stop lying to yourself and go get her. Stop denying the other person you are with now the love they deserve and TELL THEM THE TRUTH. I wasn’t always friends with you, but I do know that you don’t seem happy in your current situation.

    You look so lost. You look so down and constantly searching for the love you so crave. Honestly, you remind me of myself in so many ways it’s super scary. We have so many things in common… it’s weird.

    Somehow I fell in love with you, but that doesn’t matter. Forget that as embarrassing is that is to say, I don’t care. Hopefully we can still be around each other if we ever meet again and not let it be awkward.

    We are friends so that’s why I feel like I can be honest here.

    This is coming from the woman who will forget you and will eventually heal. Go get the woman who you’ve fought her memory for so long. Again, I would never encourage this, but I’ve seen who you are with now and you both tear each other apart.

    Love should not be like that. Yes counseling helps, but there comes a time when you’ve tried all you can and it’s just not working. It’s then time to walk away. It will hurt. But frankly you both have tried really hard. I mean really hard. You aren’t married. Thank God! That would be living hell.

    I’m clear evidence of what doesn’t work out and I see so much of myself in you. Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Don’t do it. Choose before it’s too late.

    If there are very important differences to work out then talk about them and compromise. Relationships are all about compromise and honesty. That’s why you need to tell the truth to the one you promised your love to, but you don’t love her. You love your best friend.

    Leading the other woman on that you’ve been with for a while is not right. You need to tell her how you feel and then move on. You guys were never happy anyway…and seeing you every time I did… I knew you weren’t happy with her… you aren’t happy. She isn’t happy either. I can tell. Stop lying to each other. I’m tired of lies. I’ve been there where he lied to me all the time. Just stop and face the truth. Love will work itself out. It will. It will get better.

    So anyway, hopefully you haven’t figured out who this is but I know you will read this. It’s for you. You know exactly who you are.

    Don’t worry about me… and don’t be embarrassed now.

    Go for the girl who is here now and don’t let love pass you by. You will always be looking for her in every other woman anyway. How do I know this? Because I know you.

    A friend from a few years ago…

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      February 10, 2012 at 7:10 am

      Don’t know you but makes me wonder if I am the ‘best friend’ you are speaking of…

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