• That one Summer’s Night.

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    Almost two years ago we had one amazing night. Everything was perfect. At the beginning of the day we were simply two players at the fields just playing and watching each other play soccer. Spending the whole day together neither of us could have guessed what was to come that night. Then out of nowhere I was wearing your necklace and we’re sitting together on the bleachers as the other teams were playing. If it weren’t for a mutual friend nothing would have played out. We spent the rest of the night together and it was wonderful. We didn’t last long and well once we were over I was torn up for awhile. In fact I’m still that way. I have so many walls up and I’m guarded. You were the first guy to actually capture my affection. I do believe I loved you and well I more than likely always will. I don’t think anything will change that. Even though after we broke up you dated one of my best friends and I hated you to no end, I still cared. I will never stop caring but its about time I moved on. As much as it pains me I must do it. I will love you and care about you always. Goodbye my first real love.
    forever&always. C.W.K.<3

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