• Parasite

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    I do not conform to your beliefs.
    So instead you try to ridicule me.
    Bring me down and make people hate me.
    You try to show the world I am a hypocrite.
    But you live in your hypocrisy.
    You try to spread the message.
    That I am a racist.
    That I hate others not like myself.
    But in reality you are the one that hates me because of my culture.
    I never hid my faults unlike you.
    You try to act like you are above reproach.
    When you stated you prefer to hang out with people your own race.
    The fact that they are better.
    Also, you made fun of the way I look.
    You asked others to demean me.
    Then tried to turn me into a joke.
    You are manipulative and a liar.
    I shared private information with you.
    Information you used to create gossip.
    To malign not only me but my immediate family members.
    The information you spread still circulates.
    Instead of trying to be open and honest.
    Having open communication.
    You decided it would be better to use libel and slander.
    This is the type of person you are.
    At one point I considered you a friend.
    But no more.
    People like you are parasites.
    They thrive on other people’s misfortune.
    I’m sure that right now you are making someone miserable.
    Maybe you are still trying to make my life hell.
    But guess what?
    Those who matter know what you say are lies.
    There are some quotes I want to leave you in the end:

    “You reap what you sow.”


    “Karma is a bitch [hopefully some day soon it bites you in the ass].”

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