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    Just when you think you know yourself, when you think that all the questions you had are as close to being answered as they can be, you realize that there are still so many things to be sorted out. It’s an ever lasting rubber band ball… each rubber band that is removed reveals a new one.

    This is life?
    Yes, it is.

    Life is a puzzle, many puzzles actually, which when solved then work into each other as their own puzzles. There’s no escaping it, and when you think there is a way to successfully ignore it all, it will just come back around and bite you in the ass. You can ignore your responsibilities, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring those responsibilities. They will hang over your head and burrow in the back of your mind until you finally can’t take it any more and give in. It sucks, and we all know it, no matter which path we choose to follow. How frustrating it is that we have to jump in line and do what society wants us to do, if we want to live a life that is even remotely relaxing. Sure, we don’t have to, we can sit around and do what we want anyway, we can spend our days relaxing in our own ways and ignoring what needs to be done, but then when we lift our head up to see whats going on around us we face challenge after challenge after challenge while trying to get by in a world that was so carefully constructed for those who will fall in line and follow the rules. In the end, putting things off results in more effort to tackle the obstacles that come there after. Those of us who would rather not live the life someone else wants us to live, we’re left to fend for ourselves. If we don’t want to follow their rules why should they help us, right? Lame, but its just how it is, and knowing this means knowing you have to accept anything that goes wrong if you won’t listen to the rules without placing blame on anyone else. It’s like a selfish parent and their rebellious child. The parents want it their way and are too close minded to think of their kid wanting anything else, and the child who wants so desperately to go about life on their own accord is stuck doing what makes their parent happy or they are told to go find their way on their own. The fact that there are so many variables in so many people, resulting in so many different walks of life, is not considered when we are informed of what is expected of us. We are told of a universally presented American Dream when we are young, and all they can do after that is reinforce the idea year after year and hope that we don’t realize its okay to think differently… but thats just ignorance, thats just laziness towards providing for an alternative due to a lack of ability to accept something outside of the norm, and as long as they’ve got a significant amount of people who will trail along like a line of baby ducks, they’ll keep giving out higher and higher expectations. So where does this leave us? They give the appearance of so much grey area laid out in front of us, but there isn’t really any out there. Its black or white, kill or be killed, NOT live and let live. There’s got to be more to life than that; some people find loopholes in the system and live out what everyone dreams of, but how often does that actually occur?

    There’s no particular reason I’m writing this… I’m not looking to change you or the way you think (whoever you are), I don’t expect this to be some sort of significant piece of history, I’m just babbling on about my own personal opinions. Maybe they’ll keep you occupied for a few seconds, in the least.


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