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    I know a girl who comes on this site quite often to read about everyone else in the world, to pretend the letters are about her. I’ve never been on here before, but that that I probably should, to make sure that one letter actually is written about her, whether she knows it or not.

    I want to write a letter to all of you about this girl I know, because she’s brilliant. Every time she talks, she somehow captures me with such interesting wit and turn of phrase; I notice these things because I’m a writer, and something about the way she speaks is more eloquent than any other person I know. Somehow she even sounds sophisticated while cursing, which I find quite impressive.

    She told me one time that she doesn’t believe when a guy calls her hot, because she isn’t, only cute. I can’t imagine that being further from the truth. It seems weird for me to think that she sees herself so differently than I do. She’s gorgeous, really; “cute” is an immense understatement. But her legs are too perfectly long, her green eyes too innocent, and her vocabulary too impossibly large for any boy to have enough courage to tell her that, so she remains horribly misinformed.

    She has a way of making me laugh at the most simple things that I’ve never thought about before, and when bored, asks hypothetical questions that quietly punch holes in what I thought I belied. She loves to reason, and read, and write, and sing. She stares too often, observing people, and chooses words carefully to strategically make you reveal your character more than you would like. It’s mind-boggling how brilliant and fascinating, and lovely she is.

    I’ve always seen her as this perfect being, unattainable in a way. I’ve always thought everyone did. Often my casual remarks give those beliefs away, and she flatly reminds me, “boys don’t like me, Matthew.” How is that even possible? It couldn’t be, not if they knew the girl I know.

    This girl I know deserves to be loved. She deserves for someone to call her beautiful instead of cute, captivating instead of funny, and occasionally sexy instead of hot. She does, really. The girl I know deserves someone who will understand her wit, and understand how magnificent it is for her to say such things, someone who will tell the truth to the questions she asks and ask questions of her as well. She deserves to have someone who wants to know everything about her, and be thirsty for more.

    Then I remember that this is high school, and no such man exist for this girl I know. Sometimes I wish I could be there, and be eveything she deserves, but I know I can’t. I can’t be in love with her because she is my best friend, and I love her as just that, but I am always wishing someone will come along and be for her what I am not, because she deserves it.

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    2 Responses to The girl I know

    1. J
      February 8, 2012 at 10:53 pm

      DEAR LORD!!!
      You are in love with this girl.


    2. A
      February 9, 2012 at 1:57 pm

      It makes me really angry that there are so many lonely girls out there like this. Everyone is just too stupid to notice the best ones and make them think they aren’t worth anything. It sucks. I wish I knew this girl.



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