• staaaaaaaaaaaaarving

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    I forgot how it feels to be hungry for knowledge.

    When was the last time I think I felt that? Probably 5years ago? In subjects like Physics, Chem, Math.

    I remember browsing every page of a certain book just to satisfy my need to figure out a certain topic. I won’t forget that tingling sensation that creeps up inside you because you feel like you can’t last another minute not understanding what you’re dying to know.

    I guess everything slowly died down when I started college. Coz’ everything just seemed only like a must know, must memorize. There’s not quite a challenge here.

    I can’t believe I’ve been bored for the last 5 years of my life.

    I FREAKING WANT TO STUDY AGAIN! I WANT TO ANALYZE. UNDERSTAND. FIND OUT certain things. I want to invent? Make a difference. I don’t know. Just make something out of my own DAMNED brain!

    I know I can do it.
    But I think I’m just rotting right now.
    Have to think of work.
    Go out of the country.
    Make money.

    SHTS. I want to study again! Someone please pay for my EDUCATION! >.< Preferably in Canada or somewhere in Europe where I can adapt to speaking in english. Haha. Grawsh. Just rambling here. -_-

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