• Emotions are placeholders for virtue.

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    Found a page in an old notebook that I need some insight on, so I’m posting this in the hopes I’ll look back on it later and something will make sense…

    Full of truth, life, and beauty. Wisdom slowly seeps in through the cracks of my broken heart. The knowledge of wants and needs overcomes my lack of foresight in former matters of the heart. Play my emotions like a harp. Love sounds beautiful until tension breaks the heart strings. Foolhardy no more. Open-minded once again. This time, my open mind is enhanced with the sense of opened eyes. Words are constraints. Unfulfilled promises haunt young hearts. I will never fear the unknown. I simply fear repetition of love lost. Spinning in circles is fine in youth. Dizziness of infatuation is nothing compared to nauseous love sickness. Emotions are placeholders of virtue.

    …for writing that I fear only repetition of love lost, I seem to have used a few words excessively. Oh well, I don’t really know what I was thinking or feeling, since there’s no annotations or contextual clues. Guess it was just one of those dreams.

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      February 8, 2012 at 10:49 pm

      Sure sounds like comfortably setting for something you think you want but actually don’t. Fear is a something worth overcoming for the right reasons. But who am I to say? Maybe I’m just numb from hitting floors once to many times – I wonder, how do I manage to still keep jumping without parachute? Must be silly me, hoping that one day it will prove to be worth it. Meanwhile, while it lasts, I feel what you may never will 😉



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