• Without you.

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    I’m no experienced poet, this won’t reach the heart. It’s my letter, I’ll never send.

    What happened to the boy I loved. We never dated, but that’s what it felt like.
    On the phone for hours.
    You met my mom.
    Took me on my first real date.
    Pretended like you understood me.
    Made me feel beautiful.

    But it was lies. All lies. You got the pussy you wanted, and walked out. You were the first to make me feel that way, and the first to use me. First to make me feel like shit. First to make me cry, at the sight of you. First to make me feel dirty.

    But you know what? I’m beautiful, and an amazing person.
    FUCK your smile,
    FUCK your blue eyes,
    FUCK your laugh,
    FUCK your asshole friends,
    and FUCK, YOU.

    I don’t need you. So thank you, for being the wake up call I needed. For being the smack in the face. To let me know, That I am, who I am, and Im wonderful.

    without you.

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