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    This thought has popped into my head alot lately about joining the military. I know that sounds crazy, but imagine what an adventure that would be. My friend Aaron is in the air force and that really got me into thinking about it. I know growing up that was the one thing I NEVER wanted to do. When the army or any of them would send me a letter I would throw it away before my mom could see it because I was scared she would make me go, and now I am really thinking about doing it. Is it crazy? I don’t know. It kind of makes me nervous just thinking about it, today I went to work, and right there on top of the counter was a big poster for the air force and I was like wow, that could be me. You know? I think if I do go I would wait till I at least graduated from community college, and that would give me some time to loose weight and get healthier, but I am so nervous. I’ll be praying that God would make the right thing visible to me.

    ehh I don’t know.

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    1. Enjay
      February 8, 2012 at 12:11 pm

      I will definitely join you in your prayers. I had the same decision facing me towards the end of last year, and after careful deliberation and much prayer, I signed up for the Air Force, took the oath, and am now awaiting my shipping date.

      It can be scary, certainly, and I sometimes have my doubts. But ultimately I think it’s what God wants me to pursue. If you finish up college and get enough credits, you could enter at a higher pay grade too, meaning you earn more, on top of having the time to get more healthy and in better shape.

      Just a couple things to consider. I wish you the best in whatever you decide and pray an answer comes clearly and in due time.

      God bless!

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