• tick tock

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    Pendulums vibe like a ticking of a clock

    Counting till the death parts us

    Running out as thoughts race

    Repetition and eyeball spasms rotate around and around

    So coo-key and frightening

    Head shaking and trembling back and forth

    Have I gone mad or is this normal

    Paroxysm overcomes my body and does not release me

    The twitch of a cold finger lies on a dark wood table

    A spotlight flickers on-off-on-off as the moist skin filed with wrinkles comes into view

    Wrapped up tight in this mummified state seems ever so common, yet I was just put in this suit. I appear and look down at the sight I see. Cream-colored straight jacket succumbs my inner body. What have I done to end up in this moment? A shameful situation for all to know, all to see, and all to comment. The whispers, the stares from guards. Do they think I am psychotic or am I just like everyone else? I am a drone to this society and well-being. Shivers crawl down my weak thin spine. I wonder how much time I have left. I feel like dyeing. Dyeing right now because no one would care. It would be easy. Almost too easy. Maybe they are testing me. And analyzing my every move. This darkness is hollow and dense. I feel like it goes on for miles and miles. A never-ending tunnel of destruction and grief. My eyes water and begin to spazz again. Rotating and developing into white sockets.

    Here I lie suffocating within the time of the never ending chime of this clock…till death is around us do we realize what we could have become..What we could have changed…how we reacted and what decisions we could have made..This all makes so much sense. The last breath we breathe is the beginning to the end. this decomposed body rings and jolts up and down remembering those chimes as if the soul still hears but the body is limp, not an inch of movement, not a sound. The soul hears all…the soul…hears all

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