• There are times

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    in life when we are left, abandoned, completely forgotten without so much of a glance our way; the only choice we’re left with is to pick up the pieces and move on; the people who left us then realize that we’re living our lives and actually we’re happy with it. It doesn’t seem to go well with them when they see us thriving, and that’s when they try to worm their way back into our lives.

    To all of you who have been left behind by a person who once was important to you: Don’t ever give them the power and the satisfaction to hurt you again, if they did it once, they will do it again. They will apologize, tell you how much you mean to them, tell you they love you, tell you they miss you, say what losers they were for doing what they did; don’t believe them if given half the chance they will again suck the life and happiness out of you and leave again in the end.

    Stand firm. Don’t give in. Don’t answer their calls, their texts, their emails or any form of contact they make to get you to talk to them.
    Remember the pain you went through, the sleepless nights, the days when all you wanted to do was disappear. The endless tears. The loss of self-esteem, the sadness, the desperation. The desperation and the lack of will to go on. But you did go on and now you are doing so much better.
    Remember, somebody who truly loves you will never leave you, they will never intentionally cause you pain. Your well-being is first and foremost in their mind.

    If you are still alone. Have faith, eventually you will meet a better someone. Don’t focus on the past, you’re not going that way anymore.

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      I have to agree. After reading this I had the urge to go, “amen”.

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