• I’m not over cause you’re gone.

    by  • February 7, 2012 • Moving On • 0 Comments

    Oi. We had our whole future planned out. Marriage, house, kids, the whole nine yards. We spent every minute together, woke up with each other, fell asleep together, laughed and cried and lived together.

    You made me feel like a princess. You built me up, supported me, were the one person I could be 100% myself with. I trusted you, loved you in a million ways for a million reasons.

    But you didn’t believe it. You always thought I was somewhere else with feelings for someone else, and constantly lying to you.

    I don’t care HOW much I love you. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t believe my complete and utter devotion for them. You were my favorite thing on this earth.. you made my heart thump and my toes curl and I swear to God you were my angel. I found myself while I was with you and I’ll be myself without you.

    So goodbye. I love you, I always will. But you’ll never know that I guess.

    And I WILL find someone like you. Someone who knows how much I fucking love them.

    “Till death do us part” you’d always say…I guess we died.

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