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    I still love you. I know I’m the one that ended our relationship. I told you in the very beginning that I can’t do long distance. So you moved here for me. And we lived together and we were happy. And then you moved back. And we were once again in a long distance relationship. And I started to get lonely. You wanted me to move there. I wanted to stay here. You said you would move back here. But you were miserable here. You hated it here. And you resented me for it here. And I know I would be miserable there and resent you for it there. Part of me wonders if I made a terrible mistake letting you go. Part of me knows I did the right thing. But I hope you know how much I still love you. How much I wish I could see those amazing green eyes again. It breaks my heart to think about you and how much you might be hurting. But I really do think this is for the best for both of us. You will find someone there who will make you so much more happy than I ever did.


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